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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Kirwin Tower Incident

                               Two die in fall at University of Kentucky

   This Tragic story struck me when it happened and I never could forget it. It was one of those stories I categorize as just happening out of nowhere, I think it worthy of the KY Files so here goes. It Happened in a UK dormitory in the early hours of May 3, 2002 when two Brothers ,University of Kentucky freshman Jeffrey Pfetzer, 19 and Matthew Rzepka, 22, of Bowling Green, Started to Wrestle and Horseplay in the Kirwan Tower Third floor Lounge area. According to a U.K. spokesperson the horseplay apparently went too far and ," They smacked against a plate glass window, the window gave out and the two fell three stories to the ground." Apparently the two were wrestling and had ahold of each other when they went through the glass.The Situation took place around 2:30 a.m. in full view of horrified witnesses . Students awakened by the commotion described the aftermath as complete Chaos with people yelling and freaking out. Pfetzer died on impact while Rzepka was later pronounced dead at the University of Kentucky Hospital .Both had died of head injuries. This Story smacks of Both Shock and stupidity.



  1. I am a Pfetzer!! This was my cousin by marriage. How dare you say stupidity was a factor!! How many times have you, or any of goofed around or horse played!! How about a freak accident! And check your facts jeff went to UK, Matt was just there visiting his brother! Clearly you don't know a damn thing about this, so I'd keep my ignorant opinions to myself if I were you!

    1. This is from The Official News Report from the Time,I am simply dredging up an older News incident. Where in My article does it say Matt went to UK? Why do you say I ''don't know a damn thing about this'' when the Story is quite clear About they were horse playing and then fell out the window. Is that not what happened? And is It not Okay for me to express the fact it seems what they did was stupid only because you were related to them? It seems you have no grounds for an argument you are just simply upset by the article and wish to express yourself, It is as if you don't care about the fact readers might want to hear about this mostly forgotten case.