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Sunday, January 11, 2015


                                                        WHEN MONKEYS ATTACK!


  The incident took place at the Morehead BP Mart In June of 2005 .When Ashley Rodgers went to work that morning  she probably had no idea what the day would bring.Rodgers was serving at the drive thru when the car pulled up with a woman driving and inside the car also was Boo Boo a small monkey.The Monkey tried to grab the drink as she tried to hand it to the woman .The monkey crawled up the drivers arm and bit Ashley on the hand . She had her hand checked at a clinic and received  antibiotics and tests for infections. The monkey's owner  Jamie Dehart, agreed to pay Rodger's medical expenses .Oh and Boo Boo was subsequently sent away to a primate center in Nicholasville ,most likely forever. The story made national news , All I can say is ''only in Morehead''.

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