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Monday, June 13, 2016

The Vampire Hotel

Words can not express how badly I have wanted to find the abandoned Vampire Hotel over the years. I recently took off for western KY to the land between The Lakes area to Find the site. Authorities from nearby Murray tried to demolish this structure back in the 90's to stop curiosity seekers from wanting to go there,but the foundation which is somewhat bunker like still remains. Now why did they try to tear it down? If you don't know I am about to clue you in.

The Abandoned Vampire Hotel is located in the spot between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake
I knew the Site was on the banks near the Bridge
The Vampire Clan Murders in 1996 Were committed by a deeply disturbed  teenager from Murray KY named Rod Ferrell who killed a man and wife in Florida mostly for the Thrill of it. It was considered unwanted publicity and I personally know Writers and Researchers that have been warned not to go to the Land between the lakes  area and try and do a piece on it in years following, which made me wonder .After I did some research And also a Satellite map scan I found out It was still partially intact. 
I  Found The Building by following a straight line but the kids most likely used this path closer to the bank
Now home to mostly lizards
The Structure was not a Hotel at all but a single-story home That was abandoned in the 1960's
 Rod and a small gang of Kids Were into Vampire role playing, cutting themselves and drinking blood. The Crimes took place in Florida but this Old Kentucky building became famous as the place in the woods where the Vampire clan Hung out .In The Mid 90's Goth and ''want to be'' -Vampire types were known to go there after school. Teens from the area could get together and party, use drugs ,play role playing games and not be bothered by adults, Cops or other students who did not understand The Goth subculture.There is a lot of Graffiti which I believe is mostly old Graffiti from that time period. Rod dressed in black and  was known to dabbled in the Occult and even stated he was a child of Satanic sexual abuse In a ''black mass''. In 1996 Rod turned 16 and  declared to friends and family he was actually possessed by the spirit of a 500-year old vampire  he called Vesago. He and some friends invented a Fantasy game similar to  Dungeons & Dragons  which they called DARK STRANGERS.They live action role played the game here in and around the site. Rod Would play the role of a Demi-god .The game centered around Two main Characters called Mephisto and Magus and Rod would play both roles.
Rod at one point had a falling out with a fellow student called  ''Jaden'' the main leader of the Murray's Local Goth Vampire subculture .Ferrell was of the mind that there was not enough room in Kentucky for two Alpha Vampire leaders so he decided to dropout of school,taking  those  members he favored on a road trip down South. Many people would say later on that Rod started to have an almost Charles Manson like power over his followers.  His main purpose was to pick up a girl he knew in Florida who wanted to join his clan. He Told them all  they would eventually travel to New Orleans  to start recruiting a massive Vampire and werewolf Army. Things went way South For sure, as in reality all they were really doing was running away from home and when Money ran low Things Got bad. They ended up stealing a Vehicle for there little road trip and  a double Murder took place before they were finally caught In Baton Rouge. Rod did not actually suck the blood of his victims but beat them with a crow bar until nothing but a bloody mess. For a long time the official story was that the Vampire Hotel Building had been torn down By locals not wanting the stigma and to keep journalists away. Regardless the Vampire Hotel became a sensation briefly after the murderer and his accomplices made national News when they were caught .

This is basically just a patio
To Be Honest this Hole could be deep and filled with God knows what
This is The View from the ''Patio''
The Author Checks in To The Hotel
I don't get the impression many go up there to the old foundation much any more and certainly many may be afraid to as It is creepy even in the daytime. I did however enjoy my brief stay at the Vampire hotel and wanted to stay longer but there was  a lot of Bridge construction going on and no good place to park for very long. Oh by the way You may be wondering  when  Rod Ferrell is Getting out of Prison? Most likely never ........ 

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