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Friday, March 27, 2015

A Horse peeks at the Bank Balance

I was At The Bank Drive up window recently and noticed an Amish woman in her buggy at the ATM. I could not resist snagging a shot with my cam.

The Urban Moonshiner

                                                                         The Unguarded Secret Still

    In 2010 Alexander Przygoda was an Indian artifacts collector and dealer In Montgomery county  under Federal investigation concerning a few arrowheads he was in possession of. Alexander operated a business called The Artifact Company out of his house at 324 W. High St. Mt Sterling.

 Agents U.S. Department of the Interior served a search warrant and seized some of the artifacts to determine whether they were federally protected items. The Agents saw something else interesting while searching the basement, a working Moonshine still. After they left they tipped off the State Department of Alcohol Beverage Control and local Police. As it turned out Przygoda was apparently unconcerned by the visit from the feds and continued to make moonshine for some time after until the authorities returned, This Time for the Still. 


 At the home Police found 70 gallons of mash, corn, sugar and 37 mason jars of experimental moonshine all dated and organized on shelves as if he was trying to ‘’perfect’’ his brew, the police reported. The still included a 30-gallon drum used to heat the mash and a 15-gallon cooling tank and Copper components. The Investigators were unsure how long the still had been in operation. The Idea that there was a Moonshine operation in the middle of Town Shocked Mt. Sterling Mayor Gary Williamson who offered ‘’ I had no idea we had a moonshine still here in Mt. Sterling, but I guess we do.’’

 Przygoda was arrested, charged with possession of apparatus for unlawful manufacture of alcohol, operating without a license and presence of alcohol raising presumption of intent to sell. The charges were all misdemeanors and he was later released. The Authorities seized all the evidence and
''eh hem'' supposedly took it to Frankfort.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

KENTUCKY STRANGE:The postponed U.F.O. encounter

Billy Goldy at the spot where he says he saw a UFO descend
Whatever Beamed down must have beamed right back up again

 It was early in the morning on Tuesday, February 25, 1992 , Bill Goldy, Bath County farmer and merchant, was driving in his pickup on his way to feed his cattle .Farm hand, James Carpenter, was along for the morning chores. Suddenly both men spotted a silvery triangular object in the sky. It was hovering  about one-hundred feet in the air ,soon after sighting it the object quickly descended and seemed to glide down behind a grove of trees. As it did so,they could see it appeared to unfold and change shape and it then began flashing Blue, green, and yellow lights.

   Not knowing what to make of it. The two went about the daily routine of feeding the cattle. After they finished there task they started wondering more and more about what they had seen. The two men drove back over to the area where they had seen it go down. After a three hour search of the woods and fields they could find nothing. The Local Bath County News –OUTLOOK and The Lexington Herald­-Leader Both ran a front page story on the mystery.[MUFON] the mutual UFO Network Investigated and entered it in their database.

  It seems obvious in this case They missed a valuable opportunity to get a closer look at whatever it was they saw descend, But let me point out it often happens when people encounter a UFO or some other strange scenario, instead of dropping what they were doing and getting a closer look they seem to go about it in a casual almost mesmerized way.I experienced this Phenomenon myself when seeing a dark figure late at night on a wilderness road as a teen, recounted in my article on KY monsters. Is it because we in the modern age are so busy and attached to routine we simply can’t accept the unacceptable? Did an ET call that Tuesday morning back in 1992 and no one was home? We will probably never know.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Passing Through Midway

Mid-way and close to all of Frankfort ,Versailles ,Georgetown and Lexington is the small college town of Midway.

   Midway is a Railroad Outpost and full of History, John Hunt Morgan Hid out here in 1862 in his First Raid. When he and his Raiders were being tracked by Union Troops, Morgan used the telegraph at the train depot to send false information out to confuse and mislead his pursuers. He also had his Men tear up sections of the railroad tracks . These Small actions were successful and Morgan’s outnumbered units were able to wage a  disruptive campaign against Northern aggression .
   I was on my way back from Louisville and decided to stop here . It Being on a Sunday the town was almost completely and eerily deserted, I will have to go back again soon on a weekday.