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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Waving Alien Shack

I always come across something unusual while I am out riding around in search of something else.In This case One recent weekend I was in the Red River Gorge Area .Red River is a big destination spot for Hikers ,Rock climbers and outdoor enthusiasts.In my search for landmarks to the location Of Swift's Lost Silver Mines[ a story which I will do more on in future posts] I ran across this weird little shack or shed.I had to get a picture as in all honesty it looks like someone is depicting an Alien Gray waving through a painted on window. Maybe its just me but either the artist was painting a human silhouette and just did not get the head proportionate or they were quite the'' cosmic'' joker.

The Shack is located on a road which leads to some rental cabins

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Abandoned Thing


    The Object, which is over twenty feet long and six feet wide is a baffling sight. I must admit I don't know what it is,It lays abandoned on a country road called Columbia In Bath County.

    One Of my Gigs these Days is delivering books to rural areas and I regularly pass this strange object on my book route .It seems it has been there for some time and I finally stopped and got a few pictures of it. Inquiries brought forth the notion that it was most likely brought there to be used as a makeshift culvert ,but for some reason instead it was cast aside in a field at the mouth of the road. It is strange since it appears so industrial looking [as if it was part of something else ]and the surrounding area is about half wilderness .It is made of sheet metal covering a steel frame and now partially tagged with graffiti .What it was originally and why it was abandoned still remains a mystery.