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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Abandoned Ski lodge

                                                               Abandoned Ski Butler

 Decades ago, State funding was available so Kentucky could have its own Ski resort in Carrollton, and SKI BUTLER opened its doors in 1981 at General Butler State Park. At 25 acres it boasted 5 chair lifts and a 300 vertical drop.

  Ahhhhh  the 80's ,when Downhill skiing was Uber fashionable! However The resort being in the southeast still had trouble  maintaining snow on the slopes even with snow machines.Though state owned the resort struggled and a group of private investors tried to keep it going for awhile. Ski Butler finally gave up the ghost in winter of 1997-98.


  1. Ski Butler is where I got my first taste of a feeling I've been chasing my whole life. My brothers and I grew up in the adjacent county and our mom brought us here for lessons when I was 8. The 3 of us didn't wait for our instructor and just pointed them downhill, inevitably ending up in a pile at the bottom. My older brother Raymond ended up nordic skiing his way through college at University of New Mexico, a perennial top 10 Division I team. I'm 37 and still ski regularly having just spent a month in Hokkaido Japan chasing powder. I've also skied in a film called 'Unicorn Sashimi' which you can check out online where I completed a pretty amazing 1 1/2 backflip I've titled the lawn dart. Anyway, point is this place was awesome, bringing skiing to a population that would have otherwise missed out.

    1. Karl ,thanks for the story that is interesting. Unfortunately nothing is left at this point but part of the chair lift.