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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ghost Town and Mushroom Mines


 As a Kentucky Library Associate and Local Historian These days, it is not uncommon for me to be in the Archives or on the net researching  some strange place or scanning old news clippings. However the existence of The Old abandoned Mushroom mines was brought to my attention by a fan that is also into haunted and abandoned places. I was intrigued and put the Mushroom Mines on the back burner, but a definite must look into status item. As it turns out ,One recent weekend I found myself hankering for a quick Sunday trip, just me ,my files  and the road .The Mines came into my mind and doing a GPS  search I discovered they were just down the road from me. Camera in hand I headed off to Carter County in search of the mines.
 The Rabourn & Sons Country Store is Fading away with each passing second

Now it is not every day I get two for the price of one but the Mines are located in Lawton, KY a now completely abandoned creepy town. I am not sure how long it has been vacant but there are some sagging electric lines in some places indicating someone lived in the area at some recent point.


Stairs to nowhere

A still used back road passes right through the downtown which makes it even stranger. People pass through but rarely stop [Unless they are like me and an enthusiast for the strange, the macabre and the unusual]. So if the Ghost town of Lawton was not enough to get my fill of weirdness, I soon headed up the nearby hills to the Mines.

This was a scouting mission and I did not take a lot of exploring equipment

 Digging for limestone was the Original cause of the Maze of Tunnels 
and then up until the 70's a Mushroom farm

Explorers have posted on there Blogs that the mines are extensive and
that a huge underground lake is deep within

 It was once a big teen hangout and rite of passage and So far local gossip goes ,Occult Groups perhaps Satanists ,gather there on Solstices and equinoxes of the year to conduct rituals. If true this may have been a few years ago since my basic understanding is Satan worship and an interest in magick ritual has not been in vogue in Eastern Kentucky for quite a few years now. Drug deals are also reported to take place at the site, and The Place is reported to be extremely haunted by strange sounds to boot.Even with all that in the background I was completely alone there and really determined to come back when I had more people and some lights and gear. Even on a bright sunny day it was a chilling place to visit, when I stepped into the darkest areas I felt as being watched and it was with that ‘’gateway to the Abyss ‘’sensation.

                                                           VIDEO OF THE MINES

                                                                   Click above to start Video

Mine Entrances and rugged cliffs are all along the mountain


                               Stone Mountain Data Complex

One of Several half-built structures that were part of a recent failed scheme
to utilize the property for commercial purposes 


  1. I use to work in the mines and have been up there years later and heard what sounds like a woman screaming

  2. I'm headed to Cave Run this weekend and would love to shoot this place. I shoot abandones on a regular basis, so of which you can see here:
    Would you be willing to share the actual location of this little town left behind?And tell me, are you able to get into any of the structures to shoot?
    Chris Stegner...

    1. Chris It is not far from Olive Hill,KY just as you go in.

  3. My mother grew up directly across from the return general state and she also worked in the mines as a teenager and into her early twenties. As a teenager we would explore the mines and alot of times the cops would show up and tell us that the mines was not a safe place to be. We have also road four wheelers through the mines coming in from the side of the mine. We would always park deep inside and it was much like a dare to just turn them off, lights and all, and just listen. It is a creepy place and many things have gone on in the mines; such as hundreds of vehicles being hidden in a large cavern to one young man and his girlfriend disposing of his parents after murdering them. Never really thought much about doing an investigation there, but ut would be pretty awesome to say the least.

  4. I would like to go there one day. E.D.

  5. It's been about two years since I was last visited but there was a small group of people living in mines. They claimed they were spelunkers and that they weren't homeless but I'm not so sure. I didn't go all the way back to the lake but the aforementioned group said it was more of a pond that wasn't very deep. You could hear the water running to it, though. As far as drugs or Satanic rituals going on--I doubt it. There's an entire neighborhood above the mines and there were people driving up and down the hill all the time I was there.

  6. Iv been there very late at night. We drove a car deep into the mine. It was quite eerir. We rolled !own the windows, stopped the car and turned offthe lights. We sat and listens. There was a sound that came from deeper in the mines that scared us so we left.