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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Strange Animal Running On Two Feet

        Strange report from a 1978 Newspaper called THE GRAPHIC 
  Usually As A Librarian and Archivist I sift through files for hours for a good report of the Strange and the unusual. Gratefully in this case My Uncle Dave Pribble sent me this clipping from a May 1978 Georgetown ,KY  Newspaper. The case here involves a sighting on Gaines Road outside A Scott County Town called STAMPING GROUND [Ironically the town was nearly leveled by a tornado in 1974].According to the report, A woman saw a four to five foot tall black animal running in ''leaps''. The incident took place around 10.30 am on a Thursday and the report goes on to say she saw it through her window and that it was being chased by dogs as it ran across her property. The local police investigated but could find no tracks or any trace other than farm animal tracks in the area.

  The Article refers to it as an ''Ape'' but I am skeptical of that seeing that Apes don't usually run on two legs or in leaps. This type of report reminds me of what some investigators refer to as LITTLEFOOT.I have personally interviewed witness who described seeing a five foot tall black furry thing with a short face. Sometimes it is down on all fours and other times it stands upright and can leap fences on two legs.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Clack Mountain

My Dear Readers and Followers I will say to be perfectly honest I went into this investigation with the intention of a sober expose' on a local legend and did not feel I would find anything unusual. Something rather unexpected did happen up there and my visit to Clack Mountain was certainly bizarre .
 From About the mid 70's to mid 1990's There persisted this notion that a place in Rowan County KY called Clack Mountain  was often the ritual site for witches or Satanic cults. I can remember this rumor coming up more than once over time when I was a high school student .Around Halloween  especially groups of Kids would go up there in car loads hoping to see something sinister. I was invited a few times to go ''HUNTIN DIVL WURSHPERS'' But of course never did. I Have always  been a voracious reader and knew the difference between The Diabolical and the more common Earthy Neo pagan groups such as Wiccans ,Druids et al. I assumed that was what was most likely going on up there.Finding out from reliable sources that once located on the Mountain was a Commune of Naturalists/Nudists  many years ago. It is near Morehead KY and being a College Town possibly has had a few Visitors who have gone up there hiking skyclad. Such things may have had the casual Bible belt observer thinking they had seen a ritual or sacrifice about to take place.
 1925 LEE CLAY PRODUCTS manufactured clay bricks and Pipe and its source of clay was 
 Clack Mountain via the Morehead & North Fork Railroad

  Clack Is not very far from another rocky cliff area called Lockegee Rock,which I have been going to for years but I never ended up at Clack mountain until this recent trip as seen in the pics.I never did buy the whole ''Satan thing'' either but I must point out these story's evolved out of Americas Satanic panic era. All one had to do back then was to turn on the TV and see shows Like 20/20 ,Geraldo, or a Current Affair and weekly they would do a piece on how some teenager somewhere was practicing Satanism and murdering people or sacrificing family pets .Such things were taken very seriously back in the day.

   I don't hear those kinds of stories anymore about Clack Mountain but I thought it would be an interesting place to go take pictures and look into it anyway . When I arrived I could see some residences up there and from what I read on the internet people have lived on the mountain for years and have never seen anything untoward. With that in my mind I did not expect the sudden ''creeped out'' feeling I got when I reached the summit.

   The Tall rocks and the view are very nice to see and I usually get energized and get good vibes when I go to such places. In this case I got that feeling you get when you think you are being watched. Strangely when I turned my back I kept hearing the sound of car coming down the nearby road but no such vehicle ever materialized.
  When I got back Home I started to feel drained and ended up going to bed early .The next day I felt weak and unable to do much as If sick. It was not until the following day after sleeping almost 12 hours did I feel normal again. Maybe I was just coming down with something or maybe the place is like one of those sites with heavy electromagnetic fields .Kentucky has a lot of Iron deposits and also quartz crystals, magnetic minerals underground can alter the perception of direction and orientation. I have noticed over the years when I go to Mysterious and unusual places I will often get  an unexplained  rush of positive energy but in this case it was the opposite. I have always been fascinated by the idea of what the late and great Biologist and fortean investigator Ivan T. Sanderson called ''Vile Vortices''. One example being the Bermuda Triangle, however they can be on land also and are said to  produce some interesting effects such as deflecting compass needles.

I found examples of the usual Graffiti and this Devil head was
looking sinister out in the middle of nowhere 

 All In all Many of the rocks are still spectacular and if there ever was anything going on as far as Rituals it may have just been A pagan Group and a few self styled Want to be Satanists here and there wanting to be part of a good legend. When I look at these rocks they remind me of a Naturally occurring version of Stonehenge and would be the perfect place for those who worship nature and the earth and not the Devil. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

First Wolf in KY in 150 Years

    First Wolf in KY in 150 Years, Killed by Hunter

It is most unfortunate that it was killed but it is interesting to know that since wolves have not been   known to be in KY since mid 1800s one turned up in Munfordville in 2013.
 Gray wolves are on the federal endangered species list and the hunter had mistaken it for a coyote.
Unfortunately it was probably the last one.

AL's Bar

Interesting Mural on the side of Al's Bar in Lexington .Great hang out ,They make a great Burger.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Hopkinsville Alien Shootout


        It was on a clear night in August 1955 in Kelly, KY near Hopkinsville, when Billy Ray Taylor witnessed a bright shooting star in the night sky [Documented is that the Perseids meteor shower was taking place on that night]. He went to the house of the Sutton family and not long after telling them about what he saw they heard a dog bark .They went to see what was making the dog bark and now witnessed a small glowing goblin like creature approaching. The men in the house took up arms, a 12 Ga shotgun and a 22[We Kentuckians are often well armed and have a tendency to attempt to Blow away creepy looking Critters on sight] . They Fired at the thing and at least one more like it that crawled on the  roof. Each time they shot, it sounded like ''hitting a bucket'' and had little effect. After four hours of fear, the family finally got in there vehicle and went to the police.

  The police investigated and found nothing in the way of evidence but could see the Suttons were very wound up. Soon the police left and Just as soon the creatures returned to prowl around the yard again and one even peered in a screen window only to draw gunfire in the face .By dawn the small fiends withdrew never to be seen again. However the story was publicized and even the Army sent some investigators to interview the family but supposedly they officially dismissed the story as a hoax.

We probably will never know what actually happened that night, was it hysteria WAR OF THE WORLDS style? Interestingly no little creatures exactly like what they described has been reported since .Some of the misconceptions about this case have been that the witnesses saw a UFO land when that was not part of the original report .Another is that there were several creatures surrounding the house when only two were ever seen at any one time for sure. Also they were not '' little green men'' but were described as completely silver. Could the reason these types of aliens [if that is what they were] have not been seen on earth since was the whole ''shotgun reception'' thing? Seems they got the picture and moved on to the next Galaxy.