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Sunday, January 25, 2015

High Bridge and Wilmore


  I went through Wilmore, KY a few Times recently. I love The place especially the quiet ambiance around Asbury College. With The extreme laid back attitude and only a few miles from Lexington it combines small town feel and the cosmopolitan in one package.

 There is a lot to do around the area ,May even consider moving there some day.The only draw back I see is some diner downtown is selling ALE8s for 2 dollars for the small bottles .I thought it was a joke at first but they were totally serious.


Interesting collection of old time thing-a-ma-jigs at the Grocery.


Cool ,a Tardis replica. Now what it is doing sitting way in the back of a grocery store is any ones guess.

                                                                 ASBURY COLLEGE

 Asbury University was established in 1890. The school was named after Bishop Francis Asbury, the first Methodist bishop in America .Wilmore's Main Street is a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places. Wilmore is built on land settled by Revolutionary war Soldiers in 1779.
The Library

                                                                      HIGH BRIDGE

High Bridge is a three span railroad bridge connecting jessamine and mercer Constructed in 1876.

The look out point

Yes, It is a sheer drop off here.
When you drive around High Bridge you will see some interesting Rock fences .Here is the entrance to the John Curd House .  
Glass Mill Bridge
Glass Mill is a four span stone arch ,It looks way older but was built around 1930 by the Works Progress Administration.

It Is difficult to find a place to pull over and It is surrounded by private property with signs all around  saying ''please allow us Our Privacy''.I really wanted to take a good shot of the bridge so I said to hell with their privacy, I am getting out and  shooting a good picture .  


  1. Having family rooted in Wilmore, I appreciate this article and everything included. I would also like to extend an offer of editing services to you to help you with your blog. Feel free to contact me if interested by emailing me at Thanks for writing about Wilmore!

  2. Nice article, Wilmore is my home, born and raised here. I live just at the top of the hill above the bridge there on Glasses Mill. My grandfather helped build that bridge, and my father bought the old "Glass farm" only to sell it off in 5 acker tracks in his later years. It was and still is a beautiful place. The old home place was re- build but resembles the oridginal the spring and fall its just gorgeous overlooking the pond there in front if the house.

    I was also shocked that there were no pictures of the park down at high bridge.... It is also a beautiful place in the spring a fall...a wonderful place to enjoy a afternoon pic-nic. And while your around the area stop by and take a glace at the locks to see how high the water line is....just a peaceful afternoon drive in Wilmore Ky.