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Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Sunken Grave

                            I stumble upon an old cemetery in the woods


Hiking around Carrington Lake in Menifee County,I by chance found
something I did not expect to find.

This is the most Primitive Grave yard I have seen.
Mostly just rocks Only One headstone has any inscription.

In This Pic You can somewhat see the sunken area of the body below.

This Headstone was so craggy getting a rubbing was
impossible so I just rubbed charcoal into the carvings

The name was H. Derosett .Most of the dates
were too faint to determine .Died 1911? or was it 1811?

Walking up the hill I discovered a total of 14 Headstones

Most of the other stones consist of nothing more than flat rocks buried half way .

Continuing my Trek in Menifee I Got in my Vehicle and drove
down 36 a mile or two to visit the old ''MINES'' on Benson Ln.


There Used to be  two wide Openings side by side just to the
side of the road you could see as you drive by a rocky hilltop.
Now one seems to have collapsed in the last few years. 

Cave in, This one at one time had about a 15 foot ceiling.

I used to assume these strange openings in the ground were man made Mines of some sort ,However knowing more about Geology I can see the are most likely just natural caves.

Continuing on you will be intrigued by what I
find next just a few miles down the road, to be revealed in my next post.



  1. Why do you leave us hanging? I don't want to wait.

  2. I will have the next piece soon.

  3. Hello, a friend led me to your blog. I believe I have found your H. Derosett. Here is a link to the Find A Grave website.