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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Roadside Menifee

  Continuing on from the sunken grave just down 36 You will see the sign for entering Frenchburg .Here also is an interesting item few probably know is even there. There is a stone marker with bronze plaque commemorating the breeding of the forage grass  tall fescue Kentucky 31.It was put there in 1948 in honor of local farmer William M. Suiter. The University of Kentucky had heard about  "wonder grass" that grew on a hillside in Frenchburg even during a drought and came and took seed samples. As far as I know At this time I found nothing on the internet showing this monument or acknowledging this interesting side note in history so I think it is worth including in my blog.

  Up Next is an interesting marker also. As You enter Frenchburg hook left and you will get on 1274 and find a slab of stones from the Old  BEAVER CREEK FURNACE .The Town of Scranton and the furnace are all completely underwater now.

This stone pillar is made up of stones from the iron furnace


Menifee county has so many interesting things just off the roadside you could do a blog just on this area alone .Leaving no stone unturned in this area of the country, I always investigate sites like this for Native American or Masonic symbols. Forever obsessed with Archeology, Appalachian heritage and lost knowledge I will travel on, never knowing what I might discover. 

On The Stone Slab are many interesting carvings including this one
which appears to be a symbol of the Freemasons


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