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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Waving Alien Shack

I always come across something unusual while I am out riding around in search of something else.In This case One recent weekend I was in the Red River Gorge Area .Red River is a big destination spot for Hikers ,Rock climbers and outdoor enthusiasts.In my search for landmarks to the location Of Swift's Lost Silver Mines[ a story which I will do more on in future posts] I ran across this weird little shack or shed.I had to get a picture as in all honesty it looks like someone is depicting an Alien Gray waving through a painted on window. Maybe its just me but either the artist was painting a human silhouette and just did not get the head proportionate or they were quite the'' cosmic'' joker.

The Shack is located on a road which leads to some rental cabins


  1. No... It was meant to be a child. She's always had trouble with making heads proportional to bodies. When I was little she painted murals of the Disney characters on my walls. Prince Charming's head was too big. Snow White's head was too small. Princess Jasmine's face was all over the place. The dwarves and the Beast were good though.