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Thursday, January 29, 2015

U.F.O. House

                                                              Flying Saucer House
               There is a flying saucer Tiny house in Covington,KY .it has been there since the early 1960's.It is on a hillside across the river from Cincinnati.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mysterious Booms

A quiet inlet of a large lake, It is in such places I often take walks and ponder the
Strange riddles of this and other worlds.

    Unexplained booming sounds in the sky were heard and felt across Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky in 2013 and 2014. Loud explosive booms were reported in Kentucky as well as intense rumbling . The source of the booms still remains a mystery.  I remember at the time I was in bed and awakened by a heavy ground vibration that rolled from east to west much like a quake tremor. Others I talked to also heard and felt it,it was at this same time the Mystery Booms were reported in the news.I assumed there must have been a connection to the tremor I experienced and the Booms Reported over three states. It is said that Meteors exploding in the atmosphere are a possible cause of booms, which are sometimes described as skyquakes.

Mechanic on Duty

An abandoned Garage in Bethel, KY. I regularly see this sign on my Book route, It caught my eye and I finally stopped and got a Shot.



                                                        MIDDLESBORO CRATER

Yes ,In Bell county Kentucky there is an  entire town built right in the remains of an ancient crater . It was once thought long ago to be an extinct volcano but now is believed By Geologists to be a meteor impact site. The theory is that a meteor more than 1,500 feet in diameter Hit here around 300 million years ago and the result was a massive crater approximately 3 miles in diameter. The Meteorite Hit with so much force it disintegrated on impact .The Population today is now around 10,334.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

High Bridge and Wilmore


  I went through Wilmore, KY a few Times recently. I love The place especially the quiet ambiance around Asbury College. With The extreme laid back attitude and only a few miles from Lexington it combines small town feel and the cosmopolitan in one package.

 There is a lot to do around the area ,May even consider moving there some day.The only draw back I see is some diner downtown is selling ALE8s for 2 dollars for the small bottles .I thought it was a joke at first but they were totally serious.


Interesting collection of old time thing-a-ma-jigs at the Grocery.


Cool ,a Tardis replica. Now what it is doing sitting way in the back of a grocery store is any ones guess.

                                                                 ASBURY COLLEGE

 Asbury University was established in 1890. The school was named after Bishop Francis Asbury, the first Methodist bishop in America .Wilmore's Main Street is a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places. Wilmore is built on land settled by Revolutionary war Soldiers in 1779.
The Library

                                                                      HIGH BRIDGE

High Bridge is a three span railroad bridge connecting jessamine and mercer Constructed in 1876.

The look out point

Yes, It is a sheer drop off here.
When you drive around High Bridge you will see some interesting Rock fences .Here is the entrance to the John Curd House .  
Glass Mill Bridge
Glass Mill is a four span stone arch ,It looks way older but was built around 1930 by the Works Progress Administration.

It Is difficult to find a place to pull over and It is surrounded by private property with signs all around  saying ''please allow us Our Privacy''.I really wanted to take a good shot of the bridge so I said to hell with their privacy, I am getting out and  shooting a good picture .  

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Kirwin Tower Incident

                               Two die in fall at University of Kentucky

   This Tragic story struck me when it happened and I never could forget it. It was one of those stories I categorize as just happening out of nowhere, I think it worthy of the KY Files so here goes. It Happened in a UK dormitory in the early hours of May 3, 2002 when two Brothers ,University of Kentucky freshman Jeffrey Pfetzer, 19 and Matthew Rzepka, 22, of Bowling Green, Started to Wrestle and Horseplay in the Kirwan Tower Third floor Lounge area. According to a U.K. spokesperson the horseplay apparently went too far and ," They smacked against a plate glass window, the window gave out and the two fell three stories to the ground." Apparently the two were wrestling and had ahold of each other when they went through the glass.The Situation took place around 2:30 a.m. in full view of horrified witnesses . Students awakened by the commotion described the aftermath as complete Chaos with people yelling and freaking out. Pfetzer died on impact while Rzepka was later pronounced dead at the University of Kentucky Hospital .Both had died of head injuries. This Story smacks of Both Shock and stupidity.


Sunday, January 18, 2015


                                           WHAT HIT THIS TRAIN ?

A photo of the cab's busted windshield
  Late One night in January 2002 a true mystery unfolded , a CSX locomotive started to mysteriously lose electrical power and strange lights were seen up ahead on the tracks .The train was carrying coal to Paintsville ,KY when it received damage from an oval metallic object that emitted a spotlight .When the train finally stopped ,The crew walked the tracks to inspect ,only to find the object or objects with strange lights had vanished. Electrical power soon returned,However it turned out The trains Rear engine cab suffered damage and two coal hoppers looked like they had been partially crushed .Next They report the incident to dispatch and decide the train seems drivable so they rev back up and cripple into the Old Paintsville rail yard.
      I am not sure how factual this account is but here is the original report from a CSX engineer .

At exactly 2:47 a.m. on January 14, 2002, while working a coal train enroute from Russell, Kentucky to Shelbiana, Kentucky, our trailing unit and first two cars were severely damaged as we struck an unknown floating or hovering object. I know it was 2:47 because my watch froze, and to this day shows that time.
Along with my watch the entire electrical systems on both locomotives went haywire. Approaching a bend near milepost 42 in an area referred to as the Wild Kingdom, for the many different types of animals spotted there, my conductor and I saw lights coming from around the way. This ordinarily means another train is coming and will pass on the other track. The outlay of the area is this, the river, #1 track, #2 tracks and a straight up mountainside, carved out for the laying of these tracks. I killed our lights as not to blind the oncoming crew. As we rounded the corner our onboard computer began to flash in and out, speed recorder went nuts, and both locomotives died. Alarm bells began to ring and that’s when we saw the objects. Apparently scanning the river for something. At least three objects had several "search" lights trained there, the first object hovered about 10 to 12 feet above the track. It was metallic silver in color with multiple colored lights near the bottom and in the middle. There were no windows or openings of any kind that we could see. It was 18 to 20 feet in length and probably ten feet high. With both engines dead as we rounded the corner we made little noise and the first object did not respond in time, I estimate that we hit the object at 30 mph with 16,000 trailing tons behind us. It clipped the top of our lead unit then skipped back slicing a chunk out of our trailing unit and first two coal cars. The other objects vanished. Our emergency brakes had initiated due to the loss of power and we stopped approximately a mile and a half to two miles after impact. Our power restored after we were stopped and we notified our dispatcher, located in Jacksonville, Florida of what had happened. We were told to inspect the cars to see if they'd hold the rail and try to limp into milepost cmg 60 which used to be the Paintsville yard which is no longer in full operation. We checked everything out and the cab of the rear locomotive was demolished and smoking, the second two cars looked as if they had been hit with a giant hammer, but looked like they'd hold the rail. We pulled into Paintsville yard at approximately 5:15 am. The huge overhead lights lining the yard were noticeably dark and the only lights came from what we assumed were railroad officials vehicles parked near the end of the track. We pulled to a stop and began unloading our grips off the wounded train. We could hear what sounded like an army of workers immediately tending to our train. Vehicle doors slamming, guys running by in weird outfits and lights glaring from all directions, the one thing missing was railroad officials. A guy named Ferguson shook my hand and asked me to follow him into the old yard office. We did, once inside they, and by they I mean I have no idea who these people were, began to ask us hundreds of questions, they then told us for our own protection we'd be medically tested before we could leave. I asked repeatedly to talk to my road foreman or trainmaster and not only were these requests denied but they confiscated my conductor’s cellular phone. Hours later we were led outside the old yard office and the strange things continued to happen, the 2 locomotives and two cars were removed from the rest of the train we had brought in and my only guess was parked 4 tracks over under a huge tent like structure buzzing with activity. We were led off the property and told, due to national security, our silence on this matter would be appreciated. We were then put in a railroad vehicle and taken to Martin, Kentucky were we went through questioning again with railroad officials and were then drug tested. After all of this we were sent on to Shelbiana, where we took rest for 8 hours and worked another train back to Russell. Working back we passed by Paintsville, no sign of the engines, cars, tent, people, nothing.


                                              THE BEVERLY HILLS SUPPER CLUB
                                                       SOUTHGATE, KENTUCKY

The Beverly Hills was the cream of the crop of Night spots In The  Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area , The Club was on the talent circuit of Vegas, Nashville,Hollywood and New York entertainers. It was also a place of illegal Gambling and went through several changes of management over the years from the early 1930's to the 70's .Several big additions had been built in the 60's and 70's but on the night of May 28, 1977 that would all be gone in an instant.
Photos courtesy of Phil Campbell
The Big Fire May 28, 1977
Because Of Overcrowding ,It is one of the top Night club disasters of all time .On the Night of the fire over 3,000 guests and employees were inside the club at 9:00 p.m when it started . Arson has always been suspected yet has still been never fully confirmed . A bus boy Walter Bailey who had investigated the smoke and rising heat realized the time to evacuate had come. Bailey personally took the initiative  and interrupted the opening show in the Cabaret Room , He Took to the stage to ask patrons to leave quickly and calmly. He pointed out the exits to the left and right of the stage to the only fire exits .Many people unfortunately did not head his warning thinking it was part of the act.
     The Cabaret room  

               Within minutes however Hundreds would flee in terror as lights went out, flames soon rushed in .Crowds pushing and stampeding caused a pile up in the narrow halls and exits. Twists and turns in building design resulted in  confusion and  panic.165 people died in the Fire that night. All that remains today are a few remnants making for a very spooky, weedy abandoned site.

What was a Pillar that would have had a globe light and chains leading up to the club 

Sunday, January 11, 2015


                                                        WHEN MONKEYS ATTACK!


  The incident took place at the Morehead BP Mart In June of 2005 .When Ashley Rodgers went to work that morning  she probably had no idea what the day would bring.Rodgers was serving at the drive thru when the car pulled up with a woman driving and inside the car also was Boo Boo a small monkey.The Monkey tried to grab the drink as she tried to hand it to the woman .The monkey crawled up the drivers arm and bit Ashley on the hand . She had her hand checked at a clinic and received  antibiotics and tests for infections. The monkey's owner  Jamie Dehart, agreed to pay Rodger's medical expenses .Oh and Boo Boo was subsequently sent away to a primate center in Nicholasville ,most likely forever. The story made national news , All I can say is ''only in Morehead''.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

HALL'S FALLS and stone walls.

                                                          Lower Howard's Creek

 Right next To HALL'S ON THE RIVER restaurant on Boonsboro Rd Winchester , KY is the John holder trail. The trail loops around  Lower Howard's Creek  that flows into the KY River.In 1812 it was a busy shipping area and now it is completely in decay with a few old rock walls and Foundations .

The trail follows the old Athens-Boonesboro Road where John Holder ran a shipping Area .In 1812 There were  mills, a distillery, and a coopery . It was a thriving area until it experienced a  decline once the railroad surpassed the river industry.Under Holder’s leadership, the settlement he established at the mouth of Lower Howard’s Creek grew , His landing on the Kentucky River became a major departure point of flatboats bound for New Orleans with Kentucky produce. Because other developers were inspired by him, Lower Howard’s Creek became one of the first industrial areas of Kentucky. Some of the area is now enclosed in the Lower Howard’s Creek Nature & Heritage Preserve.

 Holder, was hailed as a hero for being one of the defenders of  Fort Boonesborough. he Settled this land and was both a
   Kentucky pioneer and entrepreneur .


My first time on the trail I saw these kayaks,As good a way to travel as any I suppose .
 Spending a lot of Time on the trail and going back several times , I Kept running into passing hikers that told me about a secret waterfall not on the map and hard to get to. Intrigued I set out to find it, Some called it Halls falls and some others referred to it as Crescent falls.Another tributary flows into the creek ,Although not part of the scenic trail ,This area is more challenging and to get to the waterfall you have to have some skills and determination to get the prize.

In a valley the hiker must edge along this slippery water chute or face a wipe out .
After very slippery limestone and treacherous ledges with thick brambles I made my way up a flat creek area and found the falls.
Back on the John Holder Trail You find an old Foundation of the Robert Martin House which is from about 1856.
Crossing the creek and up the trail you will see many Rock fences and other ruins.
1800s dated homestead. 

The very top of the trail in summer

Benjamin Hieronymous house

The trail leads to a flat hill top and A paved path leads you from the trail to a lone  chimney from a burned homestead .This was once called the Benjamin Hieronymous house ,It was built in the early 1800's . Now lets roll forward  a few years to 1939 and it becomes a rental house .Here one Buck Sowers and some Drinking buddies one night,perhaps unaware that whiskey and Firearms don't mix  got into an argument. It all started with some '' Buck shot'' [pun intended ]  wounding one of the  guests who ran off in pain.Another in the house came to investigate what was happening was shot dead By Buck and his shotgun as soon as he walked in the door . The mans wife ran screaming away also, this brought a neighbor over to see what all the shooting and screaming was about .Well ,He also was then shot and killed by Buck Sowers .

All that is left of a Triple Murder site
 It did not end there ,Finally and armed man Stanley Martin, came to the crazy scene. Buck pointed his gun at him and Martin shot him 10 times with a 22 rifle then proceeded to beat Sower's head in with the butt of two shotguns, Breaking the stocks off .Martin was afterwards arrested. Ah but wait this Fine Ruin isn't the last stop on this Fascinating trail. Behind the house is a creepy ,abandoned and dilapidated barn with cemetery at its gate. Why anyone would build a barn so close to a graveyard is a mystery.


The  trail loops back to Hall's on the River restaurant. If  You go,do what I do and grab some beer cheese on the way out .