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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Indian Fort mountain


  Indian Fort Mountain also know as the pinnacles is in Madison County near Berea and is owned by  Berea College. It is 1,542 feet above sea level, Anyone attempting to climb Indian Fort Mountain and reach the summit should know they are in for a fairly steep walk .At 400 feet above the surface, and a 6.6 mile trail loop it is not for the out of shape crowd. There is a very interesting cliff dwelling there once used by Hopewell Indians who inhabited the area between 100 BC and 400 AD.

This is the ancient dwelling
"Hopewell" culture was discovered and categorized by Warren K. Moorehead after his excavations of Mounds and earthworks in southern Ohio .The Hopewell Indians may have used this place as a sacred site and also a look out for defense .However the Hopewell were mostly peaceful and produced great artwork and had a well organized society.

Spectacular view of Berea from the lookout.
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Sadly the ladies who hiked up with us were more interested in MP3 players than archeology

Lots of ravines and crevices are in the area.

Cecil Lawson Ph.D. Digs the great view from the Buzzard's roost .


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