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Saturday, December 20, 2014



 Touted as Kentucky's Most haunted cemetery and one of the most haunted in the U.S for that matter, Polksville Cemetery In Salt Lick certainly does live up to its rep. In the past It has always been a good place for guys to take girls to get them all scared up, but The fear and the frenzy reached a fever pitch in 2007.Car loads of legend trippers and Paranormal investigators made continuous visits to the place.I went with the Sheriffs department during that year after they were getting calls concerning a mysterious non corporeal dark shape that was seen there and at nearby Jones Cemetery . I still hear of people seeing weird lights there ,glowing orbs and such of the sort .

The Author poses with a headstone from the late 1800,s.
 I have never seen full on anything spectacular but Most who go there including myself get immediately hit with the extra creepy ambiance .This 2012 investigation did yield interesting digital pics.
Loose Headstone dating 1889
Small orb
Weird mist started to appear not visible to naked eye
The Same spot a few frames later ,White slash like object in upper left corner absolutely was not identified .
Cecil Lawson Ph.D. Looking skeptical but look! a small orb just above his head. 

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