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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Haunted Tunnels

      What would Be scarier than meeting a Ghost on the Road at Night ? Being in a Tunnel and meeting a Ghost. These two Kentucky Drive through Tunnels  Have creepy legends attached to them.

Nada Tunnel  : Red River Gorge

 : Haunting -Glowing green ghost said to be seen sometimes near the entrance.

Some speculate the ghost is of a fallen hiker and other sources say it is possibly haunted by one of the builders of the tunnel who died while working on it. Either way there is a lot of vehicle traffic going through it usually so do not attempt to walk through end to end as you might end up getting run over and becoming the next ghost to haunt the place.

Early 20th Century Photo Showing when it was a Railroad tunnel

Quisenberry Tunnel :  Montgomery County

   : Legend -Demon seen inside at exactly Midnight.
 For years I heard stories About this haunted underpass that goes under U.S I64 ,strange things were seen in and around the area. One night in the late 90's while going to another unrelated investigation of an abandoned church on Stepstone road I went through the Tunnel and saw a ''beater' 'car stopped in the middle with no lights on. I went past it and saw some teens were inside[nothing unusual since people stop and paint graffiti regularly ].As I drove on I saw the same car following me, when I got to the Abandoned church they pulled in behind and the driver  got out and proceeded to explain what they had been doing. According to the driver They were testing a local legend. If you turn off all lights and the engine and sit in the car inside the tunnel at Midnight a hideous Demon will come to the car to get you. When you turn the light switch back on you can catch a glimpse of it running away and passing through the side walls.
Inside at Night when you drive through


  1. I read your posts all the time I love them. Just curious have you ever researched the handprints in the iron furnace in owingsville going toward Preston? I have heard many legends. Do you know how they got there I have tried to research at the library I can't find anything

    1. Unknown,Thanks for being a reader.There are some stories about that.One is that it was the handprints of a tortured slave.My theory is that it is the prints of Thomas Dye Owings as he was the builder of the furnace.Just a Theory