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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Weird Weather

  On Friday,April 22 around 3 PM a freakish Hail came out of the sky that pommeled downtown Owingsville, KY and surrounding areas. I believe I was smack in the middle of it while I was driving down main street. Traffic came to a standstill for a few minutes as there was zero visibility and heavy hitting hail and rain came down in sheets. At one point I thought the pellets would almost break my windshield since it came with force and numbers like billions of marbles being dropped from above . When traffic started moving again I soon pulled over to wait out the skyfall.

Clumps of what gathered on my porch 
No damage seemed to have occurred and while I have seen much larger hail in the past ,there was never so much at once and coming in clumps.It was hail that resembled the size and appearance of rock salt and interestingly enough it was dry hot weather right before it hit.
So Many hailstones it almost looks like snow 

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