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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Hopkinsville Alien Shootout


        It was on a clear night in August 1955 in Kelly, KY near Hopkinsville, when Billy Ray Taylor witnessed a bright shooting star in the night sky [Documented is that the Perseids meteor shower was taking place on that night]. He went to the house of the Sutton family and not long after telling them about what he saw they heard a dog bark .They went to see what was making the dog bark and now witnessed a small glowing goblin like creature approaching. The men in the house took up arms, a 12 Ga shotgun and a 22[We Kentuckians are often well armed and have a tendency to attempt to Blow away creepy looking Critters on sight] . They Fired at the thing and at least one more like it that crawled on the  roof. Each time they shot, it sounded like ''hitting a bucket'' and had little effect. After four hours of fear, the family finally got in there vehicle and went to the police.

  The police investigated and found nothing in the way of evidence but could see the Suttons were very wound up. Soon the police left and Just as soon the creatures returned to prowl around the yard again and one even peered in a screen window only to draw gunfire in the face .By dawn the small fiends withdrew never to be seen again. However the story was publicized and even the Army sent some investigators to interview the family but supposedly they officially dismissed the story as a hoax.

We probably will never know what actually happened that night, was it hysteria WAR OF THE WORLDS style? Interestingly no little creatures exactly like what they described has been reported since .Some of the misconceptions about this case have been that the witnesses saw a UFO land when that was not part of the original report .Another is that there were several creatures surrounding the house when only two were ever seen at any one time for sure. Also they were not '' little green men'' but were described as completely silver. Could the reason these types of aliens [if that is what they were] have not been seen on earth since was the whole ''shotgun reception'' thing? Seems they got the picture and moved on to the next Galaxy.


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