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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Strange Animal Running On Two Feet

        Strange report from a 1978 Newspaper called THE GRAPHIC 
  Usually As A Librarian and Archivist I sift through files for hours for a good report of the Strange and the unusual. Gratefully in this case My Uncle Dave Pribble sent me this clipping from a May 1978 Georgetown ,KY  Newspaper. The case here involves a sighting on Gaines Road outside A Scott County Town called STAMPING GROUND [Ironically the town was nearly leveled by a tornado in 1974].According to the report, A woman saw a four to five foot tall black animal running in ''leaps''. The incident took place around 10.30 am on a Thursday and the report goes on to say she saw it through her window and that it was being chased by dogs as it ran across her property. The local police investigated but could find no tracks or any trace other than farm animal tracks in the area.

  The Article refers to it as an ''Ape'' but I am skeptical of that seeing that Apes don't usually run on two legs or in leaps. This type of report reminds me of what some investigators refer to as LITTLEFOOT.I have personally interviewed witness who described seeing a five foot tall black furry thing with a short face. Sometimes it is down on all fours and other times it stands upright and can leap fences on two legs.

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