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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sharks In The Ohio River

 A fisherman found a shark already dead on a boat ramp in 2010 In the Ohio River . It appeared the shark washed up after flood waters receded. At first it was thought to be a species of Bull shark since they can survive in fresh water and have been known to travel up the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico."Bull sharks are pretty much the only species that can get that far up river," according to Chris Pierson, director of husbandry at the Newport Kentucky aquarium ."As It turns out after further examination experts agreed it actually was spiny dogfish shark not a Bull shark .Since a Dogfish shark is not as fresh water tolerant The Aquarium examiners theory was more likely that a boat worker caught it in the Gulf of Mexico and dumped it in the Ohio River. The fin was cut off, which is common in the Gulf where people catch them and cut of the sharp fin.

                                                      A second Shark found

 In 2014 another Shark was found at the Manchester boat launch In The Ohio River.
 A Mr. John Bays Went Fishing and found a shark, measuring  2-feet, 9-inches long along the shoreline, and appeared to have been struck by a boat motor prop. It was decided that a bull shark was the likely species in this case, They Do Migrate apparently and follow any source of food. In my assessment Unless a live one is caught or seen swimming in the river we may never know the full truth behind these cases, I guess we will have to wait and see if anything else comes up .

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