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Monday, October 5, 2015

Louisville's PURGE


                                                          THE PURGE
                                                              The Louisville Edition

 This Recent News Story made my files and just begs to be included in My Blog. Lets roll back to 2013 and recap the movie THE PURGE with Ethan Hawke. If you have not seen it you should as it is  an instant classic. It is a thriller set in a very near future where All Laws in America are suspended for one night and one night only each year to help lessen the overall crime rate. Murder and mayhem takes place that night and any crime is fully pardoned [so every citizen can supposedly get violence out of there system] .Thugs run amok and take advantage of the free for all, so The More upscale people in the Movie choose to simply wait out the night safely inside fortified residential areas.

  Louisville KY, in August of 2014 an internet hoax took place costing businesses money and struck fear into some residents, as "Louisville Purge" hysteria swept over the city. I will say This is a fine case to further demonstrate that people really need to be careful about what they post on social media. It all started when a Louisville high school student posted on Twitter That there would be a ''Purge'' taking place over the weekend starting Friday night and ending early Saturday morning. Some took it seriously and the idea that there would be a real purge went viral .Many residents posted that they would be armed and certain business closed when they would be normally open. Law Enforcement went on high alert and many social functions were cancelled for that Friday night.

Footage of a real Louisville flash mob 

 The City had been dealing with real flash mobs earlier in the year so many expected something serious ,but the Purge never materialized. Police tracked down the student who posted the original tweet, but after questioning him they strangely did not press any charges and never released his identity. The Police stated that the tweet had been ''non threatening in nature'', The student had explained to authorities  that it was all a joke. Now since I cant find a copy of the original Twitter posting I don't know what it actually said but it sounds very odd to me why they would let him by with that one.


  1. I can't believe I had forgotten about that! If I recall, the "Louisville Purge" hoax was just one of several. Other cities around the country also were said to be planning purges around the same time, lol.

  2. TheresaHPIR Through social media no doubt .