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Monday, June 20, 2016

The Last Entry

Well Folks this is the Final post on this blog. I’m getting very busy with a lot of exciting New Things and projects so I have decided to just go ahead and pack it in .I just don't have time or motivation to keep updating.

As It Turns Out I want to completely devote my time to some other Ideas I have been throwing around for a while. Also it is currently summer outside as I type this and I really want to be out doing more worldly things and not be on the net. A wise person once said to me, life is all about ''letting go'' I find that is true, you have sixty, maybe eighty so years and you will be gone. Soon you will be old, soon you will be dead.
Now part of the original motivation for THE KENTUCKY FILES was to document some of the wild and unusual places and occurrences I had come to know living in KY. Also I had a long bucket list of places I had heard of but had not been to yet when I started and wanted to do an online journal. Accomplishing most of what I set out to do it is time for me to move on. Hopefully I have also inspired some of my readers. One thing that still puzzles me is why so many Rural Kentuckians never get out of the House and go hiking or travel anywhere [Except going to Florida, a state culturally similar but with beaches ]. They do not seem to even be aware of Historical and interesting locales in their own area. There are still plenty of hidden destinations out there, so what is keeping you? Why don’t you Go out there yourself and explore even if it is in your own back yard.

This blog will remain up on the net for as long as Google supports it, just no new entries. It will remain up for reference with its backlog whenever anyone needs it.I hope I have entertained you my dear readers and followers. Who knows maybe a new blog or Book form of my research and explorations will come to light one day. I am very excited about what the future holds.



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