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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tentacles From The Deep

              Six foot Octopus pulled from Ohio River

   This is real ! My good readers , I love Physical evidence in a strange mystery and every now and again something strange washes up on a bank or beach someplace and you cant ignore it. Well ,At least I cant ignore it ,Man I love this kind of stuff. In August of 2006 A fisherman pulled a 6-foot octopus out of the Ohio River while fishing Across from the Lousville KY area .The Indiana fisherman named David Stepp 20,was using a net when he found the already Dead cephalopod. Perplexed he surmised at first it might be a Squid .

A great View of the Ohio River from the Jeffersonville side near where the octopus was found. No telling what else is down there.

Marine species tend to be extremely sensitive to pollution and changes in water chemistry. and it would seem it would have not lived in the River for very long. However who knows how it got there in the first place, Even If it was a hoax I would think someone would have reported it missing from somewhere.

According to experts who examined the carcass  it appeared to be a Pacific Coast octopus,
In 1999, Park rangers recovered a smaller, Atlantic species octopus out of the Ohio River not far away from the 2006 incident.

    A few days later another Octo-body turned up when a man named Ray Ehringer was seining for minnows in the river and found a smaller 3 foot specimen. So ,Are there such things as Fresh water Octopi ?Can certain Sea dwellers Slip through to inland waterways and adapt? Or did someone throw the creatures body into the water and it just happened to be found before it decayed or was eaten by fish? It certainly raises more questions than answers and It does not make a lot of sense,but I know of many tales of Sharks, Crocodiles, Alligators, Giant catfish, and Piranha in the Ohio River . Either way lets just say it makes sense to never go swimming in there.

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