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Saturday, June 27, 2015



                                    The White Bigfoot Flap of 1980

  A series of creepy incidents involving a strange looking prowler took place in Mason County and surrounding areas in the fall 1980.In Mays lick on the night of October  7, Charles Fulton and his family were watching TV when one of the children came into the living room and said someone was turning the back door knob. Thinking the child was joking, Fulton made him sit and watch the television. "A few minutes later, something like to have tore my front door off," Fulton said. Fulton peered out the front door and flipped on the porch light, he saw a ‘’white, hairy creature with pink eyes that must have weighed about 400 pounds and was about 7 feet tall’’. The creature was holding the family pet rooster by the neck and then threw it against the side of the house. It then proceeded around the back of the house in a vacant lot. Fulton claimed to have grabbed his .22 pistol and followed the intruder. It appears that the Intruder was capable of dodging obstacles with ease that Fulton ended up stumbling into in the yard. There was a clothes line that stretches from a tree to the back porch. He did not know how the creature evaded the line in the dark,He fired on the creature twice, as it ran out of sight.

Fulton said that its white hair was very long - much like a horse's mane. He also stated that the creature was "man-like", although you could see that it was not a person by looking into its eyes.

  In nearby Fleming County on October 10 just a week after the Fulton report, James‘’Chink’’Tumey of Ewing sat down to watch TV Just Like Fulton had when at about 8:15pm he heard a noise on the back porch of the his trailer.He grabbed a pistol and went out to the back porch just in time to get a glimpse of the noisemaker " That is when I saw what looked like a big man running towards the woods. I emptied my pistol at it as it ran." Tumey said that he then ran back into the trailer to reload the gun  When he approached and old stable behind the trailer, the creature ran out and started towards the woods.  He fired two more times at it, but didn't hit it.  "It was very dark, so I really couldn't tell exactly what it was.  It stood up like a man and it was big, but it was so dark, about all I could see was a big shadow.  It made a thumping noise as it ran," he said. Just after all this, Mrs. Tumey came home.  When her husband told her what had just happened, she called The Sheriff. Someone or some thing had broken into the closed in porch and made a mess.White hairs were found [supposedly the Sheriff collected samples and sent them to the Kentucky State Police crime lab for analysis. The Hairs were determined to be of human origin.]. There was a freezer on the back porch, Two loaves of bread, a frozen chicken and a package of hotdogs were missing from the freezer. 

 Seen here driving a Road Horse at a show is James L.Tumey,  Known as ''Chink'' to those that knew him well .

      However the strangeness did not end there, On November 5th Mr. Noble Clay, a truck driver from Alabama was on U.S. Route 68 into Maysville, when he saw a figure on the opposite side of the highway. He slowed his vehicle and turned on his high beams thinking that it was a hitch hiker. When he approached he was shocked to see an giant humanoid creature covered with white hair. He was under the impression it might be an Ape that had escaped So he called local authorities.When police investigate his sighting, they took his statement and filed a report. He stated to the Officers that he had never been to that area before and knew nothing about previous sightings of a white hairy creature.

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