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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Passing Through Midway

Mid-way and close to all of Frankfort ,Versailles ,Georgetown and Lexington is the small college town of Midway.

   Midway is a Railroad Outpost and full of History, John Hunt Morgan Hid out here in 1862 in his First Raid. When he and his Raiders were being tracked by Union Troops, Morgan used the telegraph at the train depot to send false information out to confuse and mislead his pursuers. He also had his Men tear up sections of the railroad tracks . These Small actions were successful and Morgan’s outnumbered units were able to wage a  disruptive campaign against Northern aggression .
   I was on my way back from Louisville and decided to stop here . It Being on a Sunday the town was almost completely and eerily deserted, I will have to go back again soon on a weekday.


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  1. Lori and I stopped by there some weeks ago by mistake (i.e. I missed the Lexington exit I needed). Bookstore and antique shop and some artsy-craftsy type places, if you're into that sort of thing. Nice historical preservation work. Owingsville could learn a thing or two.