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Monday, November 16, 2015

The Ruth Mullins Fire

                                             Underground Mine Fire In Kentucky

The Tiptop Coal Seam fire in Kentucky Is named "the Ruth Mullins fire" for the resident who  discovered it In the area of Breathitt County .This massive underground fire is burning out of control at this very moment just below the Earth's surface, and It is basically unstoppable.

As it turns out No one seems to know how long the mine has been on fire, or how many miles it covers ,but it has already extended over a huge area that occupies both Breathitt and Perry counties. In those counties There are several outgassing areas in the ground where the subterranean conflagration is spewing out Hot Carbon monoxide and tar.

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  1. My dad lived in Perry County (Hazard or Hyden, can't remember which!) when he was a boy. One of these days I'm going to travel there to check out his birthplace!